Sunday, March 31, 2013

Preview Soldier Story new 1/6 scale S2.5 Body

This is the new Soldier Story 1/6 scale S2.5 Body (12-inch Figure) that will come with the release of the FBI counter-terrorism HRT Hostage Rescue Team (see previous post). Whenever Soldier Story does a military figure (or any other 1/6 manufacturer who is not producing movie-related figures), they always try to base the 1/6 scale head sculpt on a famous person, usually an actor in a movie. This lets collectors identify with the character instead of just a generic person's face. Gone are the days of having just one head sculpt which you then buy with different attires or outfits (e.g. G.I. Joe, Action Man and Captain Action). Nowadays, collectors expect to see a new head sculpt with a new figure and this latest release is no exception.

Can you guess who the head sculpt is supposed to be? Scroll down to see more pictures of this new Soldier Story 1/6 scale S2.5 Body. Looks pretty good from here.

Looks like Matt Damon from the picture below but yet not a total likeness.


rudeboy said...


Matt Damon.

After a bad facelift.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why people try to force the idea of a missed ressemblance. Soldier Story uses actors/celebrities faces as general references.
Previous 2 afghanistan where Jude Law and Hugh Jackman faces "rip-of".
They sculpt them to remind you of someone, yet its not the same marketing as Hot Toys AND they don't have the licenses (DiD uses however more of that with Ed Harris, James Coburn, etc. related to WW2 movies in collective memory)