Monday, March 25, 2013

Hot Toys next 1/6 Whiplash Mark II will be die-cast. So will the Iron Man Mark XLII (Mark 42)

Here are pictures of the prototypes for the next round of 1/6 scale Iron Man related releases by Hot Toys. One thing is for sure – these will be die-cast Movie Masterpiece Series 12-inch figures! Since announcing that the upcoming Hot Toys Iron Man 3 1/6th scale Iron Patriot 12" Collectible Figure will be die-cast (see my earlier post HERE), it seems like these will follow suit.

Just check out the details on the Whiplash armor - simply mind blowing. But being diecast, it only means that it will cost more than one that's made of plastic. Question is: Is that really necessary? Sure, it's going to feel nice when you are holding it in your hands but most times, it will be on display and what Hot Toys managed to do with the previous plastic armor suits i.e. making him look metallic and armor-like with their amazing paint job was pretty good. Now that it's die-cast, it just means higher cost which will be transferred to the buyer / collector.

I know of many people / collectors in the forums who are giving these a miss based on their price point because it just costs too much for one figure when you can spread the spending to three or more figures and get more for the price of one. These are very nice and very detailed but truly for the hard core Iron Man collectors only. This is where I can say I'm glad I'm not a completist and only buy what I like at the price I feel is right. These look to be priced out of my range.

Comparing Armored Whiplash (Mark II) with Iron Man Mark XLII (Mark 42), I feel Whiplash definitely justifies the cost because of the amount of crazy details and layerings it has whereas Mark 42 is just sleek looking. Notice how the arms of the Mark 42 has no visible joints? It appears as if it will be hidden. That's a step forward for realism.


Dennis said...

I'm watching these two. Whiplash Mark II detailing is superb. IMO, the Iron Man to date which well deserve a prize is Iron Monger. Is really well-engineered. Let's see what will Hot Toys show us, and I hope the high cost will be justified.

Jcee said...

I actually like the addition of diecast, I would pay a bit more for it, but the real question is exactly how much of it is diecast? If it's just several pieces here and there, then it's not worth the extra price hike.

Anonymous said...

I have seen a few month back on a military 1/6 chatroom (sorry I can't remember which one)a guy who apparently worked in production stuff explaining that actually Diecast molds are less expensive to produce than plastic ones.
So its not the production that will cost Hot Toys more I guess, but probably the shipping weight (plus a little extra greed ;) ).
Hobby Japan are pricing already DIECAST Iron Patriot in yen equivalent to $280 (US dollars). And they usually price it higher in Japan if I am not wrong.
People like to speculate; producers like Hot Toys like to use that as reference on how higher they can go more.
On a collector/fan note; I will get Whiplash. Its a great design and I agree with you @lex on the crazy details (I start to "speculate" myself as to what they might use to light up the whips :D )
Oh and Hasn't the Hot Toys boss recently talked about plans to do a dozen of armors from Iron man 3 (as there are supposedly more in the movie). When you think they develloped the 1/6 "The BAT" prototype just for show of; this isn't crazy at all LOL

humanbeingill said...

Like you Alex I'm not a completist, however the Whiplash is a long time coming. If Hot Toys decides to continue with Diecast and choose to beef up prices then any none-essential Armors (mark 8- 1 billion) will simply be skipped. If enough people opt out of buying them reverting back to plastic is inevitable.

Whiplash looks unbelievable. If priced under $340 it'll be well worth it.

Dennis said...

I just read that all Iron Man 3 model will be released by HT. Yes, every single one of them. I suppose die-cast.

Beside this Whiplash Mark II, I will skip the rest of the series. Is just too expensive for me. I have since almost sold all my IM series collection.

Anonymous said...

I just feel that the more they charge,the less we get now.i dont mind paying $500 for the tumbler.
I didn't mind paying $400.00 for the iron monger.but seeing as now they want to make iron man nothing but die cast to up the price,its now to much.1 plastic figure already is $200+,and when its DX $300+.but at least you get more out of it like accessories,or an extra figure as in the Luke DX... I have every iron man just about except 3.but i wont buy all the armors they plan to produce.i hope another company comes along that buys the license also and comes at hot toys much each figure needs to come with insurance to justify the prices.Also Im worried about the quality.Die cast is one of those cheap metals that can break and chip easily.with hot toys rep on quality control,do you want to risk paying that much to receive a broken figure?