Friday, March 29, 2013

Preview World Box [LAKOR BABY] Ultraman baby of new hope 1/6 scale collectible figure

This is the latest announcement by World Box on their [LAKOR BABY] Ultraman baby of new hope, Item Number: 004, Product Type: Action Figure, Product Size: 6" Height (approx. 150mm). The figure features 1/6 scale head, body (150mm), Ultraman mask, Battle suit, gloves x 2 pairs, boots x 1 pair, Bracelet x 1, miniature Human figure, Godzilla baby, Building.

World Box has already released the Lakor Baby Joker, Lakor Bat Baby and Lakor Iron Baby with Scout GO coming soon. This makes it their fifth figure but fourth in their Lakor Baby series. It's certainly a move away from the Avengers line when you consider that World Box released the pair of Joker and Bat Baby and then followed that up with Iron Baby. One would expect them to go on and finish the Avengers line-up but it looks like it's not going in that direction. Instead we get the Ultraman Baby figure.

A bit confused with this particular figure. Is he supposed to be Ultraman Baby since he comes with a miniature human figure and building plus Godzilla baby or is he just a regular kid wearing the Ultraman costume because he plays with kitchen utensils? Don't believe me? Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures ;p

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