Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DAM Toys Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 Spade J 12-inch figure – animated Jason Statham Review II

continued from previous post...

This is part 2 of my review of the DAM Toys Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 scale Spade J 12-inch figure. After reviewing the box contents and accessories and showing off the 12-inch tattooed body in the earlier post, this toy blog post will reveal the figure with his heavy leather motorcycle jacket and peaked cap.

Everything about this figure has been good so far and I would recommend it to anyone who asks how this figure fares :) The detailing and finishing / stitching is top notch and the quality is right up there with the best of them. The 12-inch base figure body is tight and stands very well on its own without the need for a figure stand to hold it up, just the way I like my 1/6 scale figures. Scroll down to see more pictures of the complete figure and one minor gripe I have concerning this DAM Toys Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 scale Spade J 12-inch figure.

As you can see from the picture I have taken and posted below, the ankle holster just doesn't work on the figure because of the tight black jeans the figure is wearing.

After storing the 1/6 scale Walter PPK pistol in the ankle holster and strapping it to his leg, there's no way to get the jeans over the gun which is protruding out. That's why James Bond wears suit pants / slacks instead of jeans to conceal the hidden weapon.

Close-up pictures of the DAM Toys Spade J 1/6 scale PPK pistol in ankle holster strapped to his leg

It's a nice idea but unfortunately it didn't work for me in this case :(

So I decided to ditch the ankle holster completely. Not a major loss and it doesn't cause the figure to look or appear any less awesome. I'll just store the weapon in his bag instead.

Here's DAM Toys Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 scale Spade J 12-inch figure (stylized / animated Jason Statham) with his leather motorcycle jacket, peaked cap and 1/6 scale Diesel Shoulder Sling Bag

A word of caution from a very good source - I'll vouch for Kaido :) - Dam Toys recommends padding the inside lining of the peaked cap with some paper before wearing it as there are warnings that the cap may stain the head sculpt.

I did not put any lining when I was taking these pictures as they were taken before my first posting when I got the tip from Kaido but I am happy to report that all is well with the head sculpt. I believe the stains will begin to show over time as the paint sets. So if you want to leave the cap on, remember to pad the inside with some paper to line it.

Scroll down to see the peaked cap and how it sits on the head. It's quite fitting but I prefer the figure without the cap as I find that the peaked cap makes him look like a jockey and we all know how horse meat has been in the news lately haha

Besides, the peaked cap covers almost half his head

Here's DAM Toys Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 scale Spade J 12-inch figure (stylized / animated Jason Statham) without the peaked cap - just the way I like to display him :)

Scroll down to see the turnaround views and how good this figure looks.

Can't wait for the next figure from this line to be released to join his companion. See the preview pictures of DAM Toys Gangsters Kingdom 1/6 scale Spade 2 12-inch figure - animated Vinnie Jones - HERE

Check out the pictures below which show off this awesome 1/6 scale head sculpt that belongs to DAM Toys Gangsters Kingdom Spade J 12-inch figure. Like the McDonald's advertisement says, "I'm lovin' it!"

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bighatdino said...

Very impressed with the production quality on him. Wasn't sure they'd get that look on the head-sculpt.

You need to put him in a black suit with a white shirt and see how good he looks as Frank Martin! :)

alex teo said...

Now that's definitely an idea worth exploring :)

Kaido said...

Thanks very much for the great and informative review and addressing my questions. Much appreciated.

Too bad about the ankle holster. I have seen someone use it for the shoulder. It would also have been cool if he came with a pistol holding left hand for dual wielding. :-)

I have to wait until the weekend to collect this awesome figure, it seems. It's going to be a tough 4, 5 days!

alex teo said...

You are most welcome Kaido :)

Figure is GREAT and I agree: it would have been nice if he had both gun wielding hands.

ENJOY the figure - I know you're going to LOVE it!

Jonloh said...

fantastic figure and this is a sold out item. Like it that way cos your pics are always so poisonous...

alex teo said...

hahaha thank you Jon for the compliments about my picture taking but poisoning you was never my intention LOL i try to show the figure as it is

Anonymous said...

I've got a good feeling these Gangsters Kingdom collection will be based on Guy Ritchie's film, "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" as two characters (Statham and Vinnie Jones) from this films is ticked off from this line of Gangsters Kingdom.

Can't wait to see all 13 of them (since its based on the deck of cards).

What you say, Alex?!

alex teo said...

I say "Bring it on :)"