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Medicom Toys Kubrick Series Batman Figures

Wanted to just share some of the Medicom Toys Kubrick Series Batman Figures I collected some years back :)

Kubrick (キューブリック Kyūburikku) is a line of collectible block-style figures and associated products created by Japanese toy company MediCom Toy Inc. Kubrick figures are produced in three scales, designated as 100% (six centimeters high), 400% (24 centimeters high), and 1000% (60 centimeters high). The basic Kubrick figure design has a body that resembles an extremely simplified human form, somewhat similar in appearance to Playmobil or Lego figures. Produced in limited numbers and not re-released, Kubricks are highly sought-after by collectors. Kubricks are predominantly collected by adults; the packaging recommends the figures to collectors 13 years or older. (source: wiki)

"Kubrick" was chosen in honor of filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. In further homage to the filmmaker, the Kubrick logo is designed in the style of the logo created for his movie A Clockwork Orange. By linguistic coincidence, the name Kubrick may also be seen as a hybrid word of the Japanese word kyu, meaning the number nine, and the English word brick. Nine is the number of tools (a toy industry term for parts of a figure) used in a standard Kubrick figure: head, torso, hips, two arms, two hands, and two legs; the English word brick is collector’s jargon for LEGO elements, and refers to the similarity of Kubricks to Lego Minifigures.

The picture above is that of Tim Burton's 1989 Michael Keaton Batman figure with removable mask. Comes with a batarang.

You cannot have 1989 Batman and not have Jack Nicholson Joker right? They go together like bread and butter :)

Then there's the Danny DeVito Penguin from Tim Burton's follow-up film "Batman Returns" in 1992. Check out my earlier post "March of the Penguins" HERE where I covered the whole range of Penguins (Batman's villain, not the actual bird) in my toy collection

Together with Danny DeVito in "Batman Returns" was Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman. Check out the 1/6 scale Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman HERE and HERE

There's also Michelle Pfeiffer as Selina Kyle. Formerly a quiet and shy secretary for Max Shreck (C hristopher Walken), Selina transforms into Catwoman after Shreck tries to kill her. She becomes a romantic interest for Bruce Wayne and a deadly adversary for Batman.

Then there were the mind-controlled penguins loaded with missiles to be launched at Gotham City

1997's "Batman and Robin" saw Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr Freeze

Medicom Toys also released the DC comics version Batman Kubrick figure

As well as the Kubrick animated Batman figure

And the villains from the Batman animated series: Dr Victor Fries / Mr Freeze. In the most common variation of his origin story, he is a former cryogenics expert who suffered an industrial accident while attempting to cure his terminally ill wife, Nora.

The character Harley Quinn was introduced on September 11, 1992, in Batman: The Animated Series and later adapted into DC Comics' Batman comic books, first appearing in The Batman Adventures #12 (September 1993).

Dr. Jonathan Crane, also known as The Scarecrow

Killer Croc, real name Waylon Jones, born with a form of atavism that imparted him with reptilian traits.

Man-Bat, first appeared in Detective Comics #400 (June 1970) and was created by Frank Robbins and Neal Adams. If there's a Batman, then there must be Man-Bat.

Among the Batman villains released by Medicom Toys under their Kubrick Batman series / line was this glow-in-the-dark Blight from the Batman Beyond / Batman of the Future series animated television series

Medicom Toys also released the Kubrick Robin figure

And two Batgirls - one from the animated series

And the other is the DC comics version

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