Sunday, March 24, 2013

Preview Crazy Owners 1/6 scale Denim Vintage Jacket outfit set for 12" figures - Walking Dead?

If you need to dress up your 12-inch figures, now's the best time ever! There are now so many options from so many companies to choose from. 1/6 scale loose outfits (especially civilian attire / togs / civvies – however you want to call it – used to be rather scarce for 1/6 scale kitbashers but not any more. Now we are all spoilt for choice. There are suits of every color and in every stripe, and there are also motorcycle attire as well as denim. What more does one need or can ask for?

This is the latest offering by Crazy Owners: a 1/6 scale Denim Vintage Jacket outfit set for 12-inch figures and it will come with 1/6 scale denim vintage jacket, denim vintage jeans, battle scarred tee and battle scarred machete. Basic attire for the basic 12-inch survivor. Perhaps he can join his 1/6 scale Zombie Killer friends Alice (see my post HERE), Emerson (cool-looking red-head female figure posted HERE) or  12-inch "Tallahassee" HERE

Scroll down to see more pictures ;p

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