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Hot Toys "T2" T-800 "Arnie" figure REVIEW II

continued from my previous post...

Having seen the box packaging and contents of this latest Hot Toys release in the last post, now we see everything come together. Here's Hot Toys MMS117 "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" 1/6th scale T-800 cyborg (Arnold Schwarzenegger) collectible figure as he appears in the mall, looking for the young ten-year-old John Connor (Edward Furlong).

The T-800 Terminator is dressed in his outfit of gray-color T-shirt, black leather-like jacket and pants with a leather-like belt with buckle, and black-color boots. He's wearing Black-lens sunglasses with black-color frame and carries a gold-color box containing what appears to be half a dozen roses.

What is actually hidden inside the box of roses is a sawed-off Winchester 1887 shotgun, the amazing details of which has been covered in the previous post.

At the mall, John Connor ends up trapped in a hallway between the Terminator T-800, who produces his shotgun from the box of roses and the T-1000 impersonating as a cop. The reprogrammed T-800 shoots the fake cop with his shotgun and quickly puts himself in front of John, acting as a shield.

Three versions of the Winchester Model 1887 were used during filming. The first was the iconic "Rose box Shotgun" with a sawed off barrel and stock and the trigger guard cut out. This is the gun seen through most of the film.

The second version had a large lever loop so that the gun could be flip cocked one-handed while riding a motorcycle. The third gun was the rubber prop gun for stunt work.

The T-800 Terminator keeps the sawed-off Winchester 1887 shotgun as his main weapon for a good portion of the film until he comes upon Sarah Connor's (Linda Hamilton) armory, where more superior weapons were at his disposal.

Here are more close-up shots of the Hot Toys 1/6 scale black leather biker's jacket. It is very well produced and extremely detailed with working miniature zippers that are produced to scale.

The amazing 1/6 headsculpt of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the T-800 Terminator shown once again, this time with his cool shades on.

Note the Winchester "RA" (Repeating Arms) insignia on the receiver of the sawed-off shotgun.

In this picture you can see clearly the Winchester Model 1887 shotgun with sawed off stock and the trigger guard cut out.

And here's Hot Toys "T2" T-800 Terminator with the 1/6 scale Colt / Detonics M1911A1 Hybrid pistol which he removed from the biker's burnt hands at the beginning of the film.

In the film, Sarah takes the M1911A1 from the T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and fires it at the T-1000 on the roof of the elevator. During this scene, Linda Hamilton didn't put her earplugs in properly and suffered permanent hearing damage. This is no surprise since shooting a gun in an elevator leaves no place for the sound to dissipate except right into the shooter's ears. OUCH!

Here's the Hot Toys T-800 without his biker jacket and shades.

At Miles Bennett Dyson's house, John Connor gives the T-800 Terminator a knife, tells it to show to Miles what it is, and takes Danny (Dyson's son) away to his room.

With gasps and cries of horror and disbelief, Miles and his wife Tarissa watch the Terminator make large cuts in its arm, and remove the skin to reveal a sophisticatedly crafted, bloody metal arm and hand, the same kind Miles had seen on display at Cyberdyne.

This bloody 1/6 scale T-800 cybernetic arm and hand has articulated fingers (every digit and every joint is movable) and a rotating base that allows the interchangeable left forearm to turn. How cool is that!

Remember to read the instructions carefully before attempting to switch the arms, otherwise you might end up with your very own battle damaged version and that wouldn't be good at all.

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UPDATE Sunday October 17, 2010: 1/6 scale T2 T-800 with M79 grenade launcher which isn't included with this Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece set


Jay DV said...

You didn't change the shirt for most of the photos! The T800 wears the black shirt for the first half of the film and only switches to gray after they rescue Sarah from Pescadero. But if film accuracy isn't important to ya, shirt color isn't a big deal.

Great photos and review.

alex teo said...

Oops ;p thanks Jay DV for that important bit of info about the change of T-shirts. It's a very good input which I'd missed out and I'm glad you helped to clear that up. thanks again & thanks for the encouraging words too. Hope you'll be back! pun intended :>

Unknown said...

Hey man, tnx for the review, but does this figure have red LED on his eyes ?

alex teo said...

Nope Wei Lun this Arnie comes with just a normal head, NO light-up eyes. Maybe the DX version might have (if Hot Toys decide to make one :>)

dex said...

heya Alex! Ive got this awesome fig too but mine doesnt seem to have that many and that visible liver spots on the face =[

alex teo said...

sorry to hear about the inconsistency with the face paint work by Hot Toys Dex, I would've thought that Hot Toys would maintain some quality control before they get shipped out

andrew said...

the shotgun looks a little out of scale to me, it appears to be slightly too small.

alex teo said...

that, or Arnie is a BIG guy haha CHEERS

andrew said...

actually, most likely they didn't realize the shotgun was the significantly larger 10 gauge and assumed it was a 12 gauge and erroneously scaled it accordingly

Anonymous said...

Anyone got tips on removing the left fore arm?

i have been pulling till i get blisters! =(

alex teo said...

Try using a hair dryer to heat the joints. Might loosen them due to the expansion CHEERS

Anonymous said...

just wondering if anyone got the tie-in between this movie and a certain L.A. based band. Guns n' Roses not only provided tracks for the soundtrack, but were acknowledged for this duRing the scene where arnold confronts the T1000 in the mall. get it? hes got GUNS N ROSES.? I was only made aware of this after my uncles college roomate went on to become the armory supplier and supervisor for T2

alex teo said...

Thanks for that juicy bit of info :) most interesting >_< never knew that before CHEERS