Monday, April 7, 2008

Ninja by Ignite, 2008

Ignite's Ninja comes with a lot of accessories and is quite well done. Box gives some insights about ninjas and the weapons they employ.

From left to right: Kyoketsu shoge, and not kusarigama (sickle and chain) as stated on the back of the box, tanto (dagger), shuko (hand claws - definite inspiration for Marvel's Wolverine, played perfectly by Hugh Jackman in the X-Men films), ninjato (special short swords created for ninjas which are smaller than katana but larger than wakizashi), 5 makibishi (also tetsubishi) for scattering on the ground to slow advancing enemy (probably where mitsubishi got its name and logo) and 10 shurikens (throwing stars).

Ignite ninja wielding the ninjato. Unfortunately, the hands are made too big to hold the weapons properly.

The pull-over boot-style tabi are based on modern wear, and not accuarate as ninjas during the period wore sandals made from straw rope (waraji).

Ninjas prefer to use more than one weapon as an added advantage in combat.

A much nicer hood than Tao's devil ninja, more accurate too.

Ignite's ninja unmasked - Takeshi Kaneshiro??

"My, what big claws you have?"

Now for the climbing job except, he forgot his ashiko, which were spiked claws that were worn on the feet. This helped the ninja climb faster and more efficiently on their missions. As well as a great climbing aid, it could also be used in combat to deliver deadly kicks. Don't think this ninja is going anywhere soon.

Armed with kyoketsu shoge

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