Monday, April 21, 2008

World War II - Russia fights back

When Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia unite on 23 August 1939 and agreed not to fight each other, the world is in shock! After all, you can't see the sneer underneath both their moustaches. So it was no surprise when Hitler broke his promise and invaded Russia on 22 June 1941. Russia is stunned but fight back. In the movie "Enemy at the gates", it describes the events surrounding the Battle of Stalingrad from 1942-1943. It is based on a duel between Soviet sniper Vasily Grigoryevich Zaytsev (played by Jude Law) and his German rival, Major Erwin König (played by Ed Harris), as they stalk each other during the battle. In February 1943, the Germans are finally defeated at Stalingrad and the Soviets begin their bloody push towards Berlin.

From left to right: GI Joe Red Army Anti-tank Grenadier, Action Man Russian Infantryman and Front Liner, GI Joe Army General, Navy Admiral, Air Force Pilot and Navy Shore Patrol.


mad to the bone said...

hi, i am a 6th scale maniac, congratulations on your stuff!
I need to know specifics about the cabinet you have to display them, I need to build something like that!

alex teo said...

hi "mad to the bone" thanks for the compliments :)

my place is full of cupboards with glass doors, so i'm not sure which ones you're talking about - those on the floor in a row are from IKEA
(DETOLF glass-door cabinet) - this is most commonly used by everybody who has a
display - shops, homes etc - big enough & very good value for money :)

hanging glass-door wall cabinet BERTBYN

the others, wall hung cabinets in the house are custom made

Hope you continue visiting