Monday, April 14, 2008

Jessica Alba?

This figure is Amy Cintron of the US Army National Guard for Homeland Security, released by Dragon in 2002.

Amy in box

Amy out of box.

Some people say she has Jessica Alba's likeness, further reinforced by her latin name and look (dark skin tone) and pouty lips. You be the judge. Concerned about legal issues, Dragon obviously cropped her hair very short to try and get around the look.

Nonetheless, I got her because I liked her look. Not so plastic like Barbie or Winona.

Her items laid out for inspection.

The jacket's rather nice and the hood can be removed (there are two 1/6 scale buttons on the front with one more at the back which allowed you to remove the hood if you so choose to)

Here she is in SBO (Skeletal Battle Order, as we call it here in NS - National Service for those non-Singaporeans out there)

Another close-up

Convinced already? What's Hayden Kristensen doing in the background?! Answer: They were in a film together, called "Awake". Yeah, wake up your idea, Jessica, Anakin killed Padme and all the children in the Jedi temple and he'll kill you too! Get out of there.

Here's Amy/Jessica Alba with her jacket

What can I say? I really dig her and she stands proud guarding my other figures :)

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Anonymous said...

Jessica Alba indeed! this looks nice, good headscuplt... want one but i checked and it seems hard to find nowadays! :(
I stumbled on this website:
really cool info, too bad its no longer updated (i think, 2005 last entry?)
nice to have a database like this to cross reference... helpfull to us kitbashers...