Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Snake-Eyes, modern Ninja

Snake-Eyes, former US Army Sergeant First Class (E-7), now ninja master and martial arts expert and an integral part of the GI JOE team. In the comic GI Joe, a real american hero #21, Snake-Eyes rescues Scarlett who was captured by Storm Shadow. This was the famous silent issue as there wasn't a single dialog box in the entire comic. This was to play up the fact that Snake-Eyes is mute, due to him being in a helicopter explosion which also scarred his face.

So it was no surprise that when the GI Joe movie was to be made, the first image released would be that of Snake-Eyes as he's one of the most iconic figure associated with the team and definitely the most mysterious. For the movie, GI Joe would now stand for Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity to cater to an international audience. Sideshow has obtained the licence to produce the movie's merchandise so we can only wait with bated breath for the movie's release in 2009.

This 12" GI Joe Snake-Eyes was released by Hasbro in 1992 and featured the bulky and stiff Hall of Fame bodies that we all have come to dislike. Whatever was Hasbro thinking! They released the already articulated GI Joe in 1964 and then went and release the Hall of Fame in 1991, two steps forward and five steps back! 12 inches of bulk and stiffness is good when you are with the ladies but not when it's an action figure coz you're not getting any action when it comes to poses. So when the Hasbro GI Joe Classic collection figures came out, it was "off with the heads" (those early Classic Collection figures had very distorted faces that even a mother couldn't bring herself to love) and switch the body for more action!

He also comes with a gigantic Uzi -it's HUGE!!

A little kitbashing was in order. Ditched the sweater and vest but kept the mask and accessorised him for a more stealthy look.

A ninja's gotta have his ninjato and sai plus all other extras to get out of any hairy situation.

Snake-Eyes unmasked. 

Let it rip!!!

Going full auto!

Back! Back, you Cobra scum!

The Sai, made famous by Frank Miller in the Daredevil comics when he had Elektra wielding them.

In the Daredevil movie, Jennifer Garner was superb as Elektra and a spin-off was created so that we can see more of her mouth drooling skills. Slurpingly wonderful - movie itself wasn't that great though, just her (hubba! hubba!)

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