Wednesday, April 23, 2008

RoboCop (1987) by Takara 1993

Part man. Part machine. All cop. The future of law enforcement.

RoboCop is a 1987 action/scifi film starring Peter Weller. Set in a crime-ridden Detroit, Michigan in the near future, RoboCop centres on police officer Alex J. Murphy (Peter Weller) who is brutally dismembered and murdered but subsequently re-created as a super-human cyborg, "RoboCop". Part of the charm of RoboCop was that there was no CGI and instead, we see some interesting 'old school' stop motion effects. Peter Weller was cast as Murphy/RoboCop as the bulky costume required a light-built actor (i.e. real skinny man) and he prepared for the role by studying bird movements while moving about in a padded baseball suit.

This figure was released by Takara in 1993 and unfortunately featured the bulky Hall of Fame body. His Auto-9 (essentially a modified Beretta 93R) is moulded into his right hand. In 1993, this was still quite a nice figure.

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