Thursday, April 10, 2008

Snake-Eyes, Spy Troops movie

Released by Hasbro in 2003, Snake-Eyes came paired with Storm Shadow and the animated "Spy Troops" movie DVD. Watched the movie with the kids, they quite enjoyed it. Animation was okay - not "Appleseed Ex Machina" standard (which was mind blowing EXCELLENT) but okay nonetheless.

This time round, Hasbro got it right with the head sculpt for Snake-Eyes. I didn't quite like the outfit he came in so I accessorised him a little.

Snake-Eyes in his new outfit

Another view of his mask.

Check out his biga$$ sword - that's not a ninjato, that's not even a katana. That is one HUGE mutherf*****(pardon my French which I learnt from the school of Samuel L Jackson) sword!!

As a modern ninja, Snake-Eyes wouldn't just duel with his sword. He is equally qualified and willing to use standard weapons like firearms and explosives. These figures featured the "Kung Fu grip" hands, reminiscent of the old GI Joe and Action Man figures. Each finger is flexible and can be pried open to grip any weapon or equipment.

His gun is from BBI's Cy Girl series - they do produce some nice weapons.
Another view of the Cy Girl weapon - a spare magazine is stored on the foldable stock - practical and cool.

All out of ammo, now for some close quarter combat, ninja style!

Note the Arashikage ninja clan (where Snake-Eyes mastered his ninja skills) symbol engraved at the base of his sword.

He also comes with two knifes (wakazashi). 

Now bring on the real thing!!

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