Wednesday, April 23, 2008

RoboCop (1987) by Hot Toys 2006

In 2006 Hot Toys blew all our minds with their version of RoboCop. As with all their Movie Masterpiece Editions, this came in a lovely slipcase cover which is why you just don't throw away Hot Toys' boxes. The slipcase showcases the famous RoboCop getting out of his car (the Ford Taurus was used as the police cruiser in the movie, due to its then-futuristic design) scene.

The back of the slipcase is where the bonus factor kicks in - RoboCop's Auto-9 handgun can be stored in the mechanical holster which deploys from Robocop's right thigh, just like in the movie. 

After the slipcase comes off, you see RoboCop's headshot which is of the actual figure, a very good likeness of Peter Weller from the movie.

On the back of the box, another surprise awaits - ED209!!

Flap opens to reveal a very nice shot of the assembled figure on the left with RoboCop's body parts in a tray on the right (a la Hot Toys USCM Hicks). Hot Toys' Masterpiece Editions are all model kits because some assembly is required, not that you need to be a qualified engineer or genius to do it.

The tray with its contents, mainly extra hands

Hot Toys RoboCop all assembled and ready to: 1. Serve the public trust 2. Protect the innocent 3. Uphold the law 4. (Classified) which is later revealed as Directive Four: Any attempt to arrest a senior officer of OCP results in immediate shutdown.

A very beautiful piece of machinery/toy/action figure

Right thigh holster deployed. Some collectors tried to pry open the helmet to see if Peter Weller was really hiding under there. He is NOT under there and prying the helmet off is a Big "No! No!" coz the helmet will not fit back nicely again once it has been pried open. So consider yourself suitably warned!!

More pictures of Hot Toys RoboCop version 1.0 (link here)


Dash MacBastard said...

That hidden thigh holster is a great feature. Kudos to HOT TOYS for having added it.

alex teo said...

yeah, just dig that holster - nicely done!