Thursday, April 17, 2008

Iwao, Hands - Tokyo Tribe 2

The Hands have distinctive gang-wear - green camou military style. They appear to have access to firearms. When I first laid eyes on Iwao, I only saw Ice Cube - rap artist/actor. Casting him as Darius Stone, an agent who must track a renegrade branch of the United States military planning to overthrow the government in "XXX: State of the Union" in 2005, me thinks, was a BIG mistake. How can the producers think that he can replace Vin Diesel? IMHO, LL Cool J's got a better bod than Ice Cube - have you seen LL Cool J's abs in S.W.A.T.? (NO!! I AM NOT INTO GUYS, sorry Ricky Martin, look elsewhere)

The Samurai headgear makes it authentic to Japan. The hand symbol, is it "peace out" or "pi$$ off" (nah! that would be the middle finger - ha! ha!)


Shaun said...

man the shoulder armour and gauntlets rock!

alex teo said...

yeah, i liked this outfit best of all.