Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kai, Saru - Tokyo Tribe 2

Tokyo Tribe 2 is an anime series about street gangs in Tokyo, Japan. BTW there's no Tokyo Tribe 1, just starts with Tokyo Tribe 2. One of the logical explanations is probably because the "s" at the end of "Tokyo Tribes" which was what the manga was called was flipped to read "2", henze Tokyo Tribe 2, juz like how peoplez nowadayz think itz trendy to interchange z with s, like Boyz n the Hood.

The Saru’s are a non-agressive gang often found hanging out at Penny’s cafe, but have recently been targeted by Wu-Ronz. Kai is one of the main members of the Saru gang. His trademark weapon is the baseball bat. He and Merra of Wu-Ronz, grew up together, but have ended up as rivals due to their gangs’ clash.

Medicom introduced this range to show off their 1/6 streetwear and offered something different for collectors who were constantly bombarded with military mambo-jumbo and battle dress uniforms. With the recent PMC releases, it seems the market has managed to marry the two i.e. civilians with military gear fighting in the urban jungle of Iraq.


Shaun said...

love the adidas superstars.

alex teo said...

wait till you see the other outrageous stuff the other gang members wear ;p

Shaun said...

looking forward to pix!