Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Corruptor (1999)

The Corruptor is Chow Yun-Fat's 2nd American film after Replacement Killers. He plays Nick Chen, head of the Asian Gang Unit of New York Police Department (NYPD). Chen's job is to keep the peace in Chinatown from a turf war that has broken out between the Tong Triads and the ruthless and dangerous Fukienese (love the name - everytime you say it, it sounds vulgar!) Dragons. Chen teams up with Danny Wallace (Mark Wahlberg) and together, they have to keep the streets safe while fueling their own greed and corruption.

Dragon released this figure in 1999 and although it is not directly tied to the movie (not officially), everything on the box says otherwise - the title itself is a giveaway!

Detective "Chow"

Chow Yun Fat's likeness captured

His signature move - the spinning shot with flying coat/jacket

This is so that we can see what he's hiding under his jacket - standard Dragon police belt

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