Friday, May 9, 2008

Harley CG by Takara

Since the split between Takara and BBi, Takara focused on re-releases of older figures and licensed figures. The Cool Girl line all had different names than the same figures released in the Cy Girl line, and the first wave of re-releases used those same Japanese names. Electra became Ruby, EX3 became Ash, Nikki became Harley, and all three had some changes to their paint ops and outfits.

Picked up Harley, the biker chick after having collected the two ultra gals, Anna Yuri and Akiko Fuji as well as Motoko Kusenagi from "Ghost in the Shell". 

Love how the blond hair contrasts with her black and grey outfit. Ever wonder if blond is her natural colour?

Very nice bike outfit and helmet.

The face's not bad either :)

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