Friday, May 30, 2008

Wolverine by Hasbro

When Hasbro produced the "Spider-Man Origins" line, they managed to squeeze in Captain America and Wolverine as part of Spider-Man's origins. What Hasbro did was take Toy Biz's concept and executed it better! Hasbro's cloth-costumed Wolverine (The "Icons" series features 12-inch articulated figures but they are still just one big chunk of plastic with strategic cuts at certain parts and joints, just not the same as clothed figures which feel more real) is one up on Toy Biz's but lest we forget, Toy Biz restarted the Mego-like series in the 90s.

No removable mask here but then, no enormous hood either

Medicom's Hugh Jackman Wolverine from the X-men trilogy


StarWarsFan said...

Once again, justice has been done to the Wolverine name! This figure is amazing! I do like Toy Biz's version (my first Wolvie toy), but I think this one is better. Just my opinion. :)


Have you gotten the X-Men Evolution Wolverine figure? Just got mine today. It's awesome. :D

alex teo said...

I didn't know there was an X-Men Evolution Wolverine figure - you have to show me pictures ;)

StarWarsFan said...

The one I got:

The other two for sale:

These are the only pics. I could find of this figure. Good luck if you decide to get figure. :)

alex teo said...

hey alexander, you certainly got yours at a GREAT price ;p looks like I'll be keeping the hood down if I ever get mine CHEERS!

StarWarsFan said...

Here's one for only $30. Not much of a price difference, but still.... Lol. :P

(My code was "shizzle" :D)

alex teo said...

thanks alexander for the heads up but with shipping it's going to cost quite a bit. i usually try to get my stuff locally. much appreciated CHEERS