Thursday, May 8, 2008

Anna Yuri, TDF UG by Takara 2004

In 2000, Blue Box Toys (BBI) and Takara Japan got together to create and distribute the Cy/Cool Girl line. BBi sold the figures as Cy Girls, and Takara sold them in Japan as Cool Girls. There were four waves of Cy Girls released during this partnership. Curvy and sexy, with several interchangeable sets of hands, the Cy Girls filled the empty femfig niche for those not too keen on anorexic Barbie Dolls.

When the fourth wave (2003) was released, Takara acquired the Ultraman license and released two figures from that tokusatsu (live action films with special effects), Anna Yuri and Akiko Fuji. Being a big Ultraman fan while growing up in the 70s, I only collect Ultraman of the Showa era (describing the reign of Emperor Hirohito from 25 December 1926 to 7 January 1989). Anna Yuri was the second Cy Girl I acquired after Princess Jun from the Gatchaman series. Most of the Cy Girls are a bit too "lian" for me.

Anna Yuri is from the TDF (Terrestrial Defence Force) UG (Ultra Guard) and she's NICE!!

She comes with helmet, uniform, belt with holster and Ultra-gun, wrist video-receiver, shades and a big a$$ gun.

The feet are the most unique part of the CG design - the CG leg ends in an ankle cup, the socket for a ball joint. Instead of feet, each CG has what collectors have dubbed "bootfeet," a boot-shaped piece that screws into a base designed to resemble a bootsole. These come with a cloth "bootsleeve" that slips over the bootfoot and is held onto the foot by the bootsole. The bootfoot has a ball joint that is popped into the ankle cup, providing for many degrees of rotation and great flexibility. Unfortunately, this didn't work at all for Takara's Gen-X Core Batman.

There's also Anne Yuri and Dan Moroboshi by Medicom. Another Dan Moroboshi by Five Star (limited to 100 pieces worldwide) 

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