Saturday, May 3, 2008

Elizabeth Swann by Hot Toys 2007

Played by the beautiful Keira Knightley (who came to international prominence in 2003, after co-starring in the film "Bend It Like Beckham"), Elizabeth Swann is not your typical damsel in distress nor the screamy kind of girl but a spunky and spirited woman who transforms from a lady into a courageous pirate princess. Hot Toys released this "At World's End" Elizabeth Swann wearing the traditional Chinese armour for the Brethren Court as well as during the parlay with Beckett and the climatic maelstrom battle.

Some have lamented that the head sculpt makes her look like a man but IMHO she does look like Keira Knightley and the best likeness thus far (there's the Domino version but that was just not up to scratch). At least she doesn't look like anorexic Barbie. She has denied rumours she is anorexic, although her appearance at the "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" premiere led to media speculation that her extremely slender figure was due to an eating disorder.

Updated 27.09.08 with Elizabeth Swann wearing Sao Feng's necklace, making her one of the nine Pirate Lords.

The outfit is mind blowing. The stitching and details on her garment and the intricate details of her armor is just breathtaking - you gotta see it first hand to appreciate it.

Her Swann sword

Don't lose any more weight, girl or you'll look more like Jack Skellington!


Nickel said...

I love the costume on this doll...but I cant find it anywhere...did you make it or buy it?

alex teo said...

Hi Nicki, this figure was produced and released by Hot Toys, a company that makes excellent 1/6 scale movie figures in limited quantities so you have to pre-order the items. Otherwise, when the figure is released, they usually go out of stock rather quickly.