Saturday, May 31, 2008

Storm by Toy Biz

Storm, Ororo Monroe, has the psionic ability to manipulate weather patterns over limited areas. Storm was part of the first assortment for Toy Biz's "Famous Covers" series, alongside Wolverine. That was how popular the X-Men had become. Growing up reading the comics, it was certainly great to be able to see them in 3-D plus the fact that they were realised on the big screen in not one but three movies and being able to share the experience with the next generation, my two rascals, was priceless. 

Being one of the first four figures, Toy Biz really nailed the costume and look. IMHO, I haven't seen a better looking Storm other than Halle Berry's Storm although she was hotter as Jinx in "Die Another Day" alongside MI6 Agent OO7 James Bond played by Pierce Brosnan.

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StarWarsFan said...

Yep, gotta agree with you there. She would look bad-ass next to Cyclops and Wolverine! And Nightcrawler too! :P