Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kyoka Gai Kokaku Zero by Medicom

The name is as far as I got to this figure. Picked him up coz he looked cool (just like Mad Capsule Markets) but I have no idea where he comes from - LOL!!

I liked the insect looking exoskeleton armour suit he has on and the spikes. He looks mean and bada$$ in a good kind of way - Zero the Hero? Can't believe there's nothing on the internet about him in this age when you can trawl the net for anything.

Look - he has "wings" (wonder if he can fly?)

Check out that forehead of his!


Anonymous said...

it's a scarf not wings and the anime that character is off of apocalypse zero

alex teo said...

THANKS for the heads up :) Will look it up for more info