Friday, September 26, 2008

Action Man Cart Extreme

Unless you've been living under a rock in Singapore, the Singapore leg of F1 and the FIRST ever NIGHT race starts today and will end on Sunday with road closures here, there and everywhere in the Marina and Suntec area so unless you've got tickets, stay FAR FAR away.

On a related issue, here's the Action Man Cart Extreme released in 2001. Though not a Formula 1 car, the go-kart is something any Tom, Dick and Harry or Sue, Ann and Marie can drive easily and was used to promote the F1 when the decision was first announced to stage the race here.

There's a missile hidden in the front bodywork and can be fired by pressing the button on the steering wheel

This was the year when Hasbro started molding the clothing as a part of the Action Man body and doing away with the clothes altogether. 

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