Saturday, September 13, 2008

US Navy SEAL VBSS Team Member by Medicom

Part of Medicom's "Cro-magnon" series, this was their US Navy SEAL operator released in 2001, obviously also a VBSS member. He comes with his Protec helmet with strobe light, sky diving goggles, black balaclava, MCU-2P Respirator, LASH II headset, Nomex flight suit, Motorola walkie-talkie MX300 radio, body armour, assault vest with two flashbang grenades, aviator’s gloves, Diver’s watch, pistol belt with triple MP5 magazine pouch, Sig Sauer P226 pistol in drop-down holster with one extra clip, H&K MP-5A3 SMG with muglight foregrip and suppressor, and assault boots.

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