Saturday, September 13, 2008

US Navy SEAL VBSS Team Member

Another SEAL VBSS - this time, it's a team member. This was the 1999 Hot Toys' release which was only a uniform set (no figure) put onto a GI Joe figure (check out his gloved hands). Obviously in 1999, the quality of the products are not like those of today, or even those in 2004 when Hot Toys released their two VBSS SEALs.

He's wearing Protec helmet, balaclava, AN/PVS-5A Night Vision Goggles, Nomex flight suit, Motorola walkie-talkie with throat microphone and ear piece, UDT life preserver, TP-1E Body Armor, ABA Tactical vest, rapelling harness, grappling hook with rope in pouch, pistol belt with ammo pouches, M17A1 gas mask in carrier, M9 pistol in drop-down holster, M4 combat knife in sheath, MP-5K SMG, Berelli Super 90 Shotgun with SureFire, and combat boots.


Anonymous said...

if he has to go to the bathroom, that will take time. and if anyone is anyplace besides in front, he'll never see them.

Unknown said...

ya... lets pretend thats real