Friday, September 12, 2008

US Navy SEAL VBSS Commander by Hot Toys

This Navy SEAL Team 5 VBSS (Visit Board Search and Seizure) Commander was released in 2004 by Hot Toys. Many collectors lamented that it was "Old School" because this SEAL wasn't modern enough. That was probably because this was a follow-up to Hot Toys' 1999 release which only consisted of two uniform sets without figures. Hot Toys was only just starting out then and perhaps wanted to do an improved version which they could in 2004. Hot Toys didn't offer a lot in 1999 but look at them now - the market leader as far as 1/6 is concerned. Even though "Old School" (90s SEAL being offered in the new millennium), this was a damn fine figure IMHO.

One of the beauties of this set - the Deck Crew Helmet with C2 element communications

He wears Nomex Flight Suit, TP-1E Body Armor, UDT Life Preserver and Navy Seal Combat Flotation Vest

His weapon of choice for CQB (Close Quarter Battle) - the H&K MP5-SD5 Sub-Machine Gun with TL-99 Tactical Light

Check out his motorcyclist gloves - only came with this set

His AN/PVS-5A Night Vision Goggles - one of the things that make this set "Old School"

Another view of the Deck Crew Helmet and all its fine details

His Rapelling gloves, not for grasping his weapon but for "fast roping" down the helicopter and his drop-leg ammo pouch

His tactical backpack, M17A1 Gas Mask in carrier

His M9 bayonet in scabbard, water canteen in carrier and gunshot medical kit

His M9 pistol and drop-leg holster plus his flexi-cuffs


TopDog said...

Thanks for the write-up on this figurine! Any idea where I can get one? Every place I've tried is sold out!

alex teo said...

Hi TopDog, that's the problem with Hot Toys stuff, they sell out real fast. I managed to get this when it was first released and I think it's going to be quite hard to get your hands on one now unless someone puts theirs up on e-bay or another manufacturer decides to release a similar version. Thanks for looking :)