Sunday, September 7, 2008

Los Angeles County Sheriff

From policing the world to homeland security, America's been pretty busy.

A Deputy Sheriff works for the County Sheriff's Department. In Los Angeles where County communities have not been incorporated into cities, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department provides law enforcement and operates the county jails and courts, not unlike the San Francisco Sheriff's Department. Since 1996, the LASD has been the largest Sheriff's department in the world. On the other hand, a Los Angeles Police Officer (LAPD) works for the City of Los Angeles. The LAPD is an independent police agency specifically within the City of Los Angeles.

BBI's Elite Force Los Angeles County Sheriff figure "Officer Burns", released in 2002 is a highly detailed figure and comes with LASD Stetson Hat with metal Badge, LASD Uniform with Breast Badge and Name Plate over his white T-shirt and bullet-proof vest, his equipment belt has two pairs of die-cast metal handcuffs in pouches, baton in holder, Capsicum Spray in pouch, semi-automatic pistol in holster, pistol magazines in double-magazine pouch, pager, keyring with keys, watch and a pen.

The pager is probably one of those gadgets that have the shortest lifespan. When my eldest, Jared was born in 1994, the pager was still very much in use but by the time the mobile phone industry boomed, pagers have fallen into obsolescence. My youngest, Javon doesn't even know what a pager is and how it works because by the time he was born and became aware, the pager was a thing of the past!

LA County Sheriff SWAT "Chuck Morris" next


actionfigurecollector said...

Wow! ive been looking for that action figure everywhere! do you know where I would be able to buy it?

alex teo said...

hi I found it in a local store at a low price too :) perhaps you can try ebay. these things usually end up there if someone decides to sell his. Good Luck ;p