Sunday, September 14, 2008

CPT Lennox, Joint Special Operations Command

This very nice set by Very Hot Toys (VHT), the CBT TynCorp PMC has been making its rounds and drawn a lot of positive responses. Very Hot Toys started out by blatantly releasing similar boxed sets of uniforms and equipment already released by Hot Toys before such as the SDU sets, Navy SEAL Night Ops set etc and suddenly decided to do an original release - TynCorp PMC, an obvious reference to DynCorp International, a US-based Private Military Contractor (PMC) and aircraft maintennance company that has sent PMC teams to all the hot zones. If the PMCs are wearing these attires and carrying these weapons and equipment, they are better equipped than some of the third world armies - LOL!!

The moment I laid eyes on this set, I'm thinking of Josh Duhamel who played US Army Captain William Lennox, part of the seven-man Joint Special Operations Command team who form part of earth's defence against the Decepticons in the movie "Transformers (2007)" - can't wait for the sequel.

So here he is - Josh Duhamel in all his multicam glory. The basic shirt and trousers.

"Oh Gosh, it's Josh!" Not that into him but Daisy is - as long as it keeps the wife happy and keeps me collecting ;p

The trousers have amazing detailing such as the zipper that goes all the way up the side of his legs like the slit on a cheongsam. BTW I ditched the lousy boots that came with this set. If you notice carefully, there's another zipper that goes from the front of his trousers where his crotch is to the back so that he can take a dump without taking off his pants - they think of everything.

His M9 pistol with tactical light attached. The front has a lense "thingy" which doesn't look right - very sci-fi but imagine once you drop the pistol, the lense is cracked!! Gloves are from Hot Toys - the pair that came with this set sucked!

His Crye Combat Chassis with 2 double M4 magazine pouches, one triple pistol magazine pouch, a radio pouch, two water bladder holders with straws and one utility pouch. His belt has a gas mask bag which has a ring of holders for his M203 40mm grenade rounds, a dump pouch, holster for his pistol, and two more pouches. Also comes with helmet with NVG mount (but no NVGs) and goggles (the strap snapped when I tried to put it on the helmet - bummer!). It also came with interesting pads that velcro into the inside of the chasis and belt. These are meant for vetilation and cushioning which when worn on the figure becomes hidden but a nice touch nonetheless.

Dressing up for duty. He also comes with a radio with throat mic and ear bud plus PTT (Push To Talk) Switch

The Cyre Combat Chasis is similar with that worn by CPT Lennox in the movie

The double water bladder holders with straws carried on his back 

Even has a pocket knife

The 5 LED light - first introduced by Hot Toys when they released their US Navy SEAL figures - very up-to-date

Now fully geared up with CBT's TynCorp PMC and looking like CPT Lennox ready to do battle with the Decepticons. That's what I enjoyed about the movie - the mixing of military might with robot power and not just robot on robot.

Also like in the movie - if you're going to pay good money to get stars on your set, ditch the helmets so that everybody can see who they are, even if it's not practical and real soldiers do wear their helmets because it protects them from head injuries and certain death!

The drop-down gas mask pouch with his M203 40mm grenade rounds

He's armed with the standard M4 with ACOG sight, AN/PEQ laser pointer, surefire tactical light and M203 underbarrel attachment

Now bring on Megan Fox - hubba hubba!!

2008 Top Ten Fave Toy - No. 9


Shaun said...

very useful review Alex, thanks.

alex teo said...

Just sharing what little I know, glad that I've got my CPT Lennox figure :)

Anonymous said...

awsome figer, where do u git it all from????????

alex teo said...

hi there anonymous, these are available from the local shops :> thanks for looking