Saturday, September 13, 2008

US Navy SEAL Team 5 VBSS Team Leader

The US Navy SEALs have come a long way since the Vietnam War. This is still the "Old School" VBSS (Visit Board Search and Seizure) SEAL of the 90s. This is a kitbash version using parts of Hot Toys' 2004 release combined with Dragon's body, Nomex flight suit and Danner boots.

The team leader has a specially modified Protec helmet that allows him to maintain comms with all members

He wears TP-1E Body Armor, UDT Life Preserver and Navy Seal Combat Flotation Vest over his Nomex flame retardant flight suit

Closeup of his special Protec hemet with strobe light and modified sky diving goggles

His drop-down holster with his MP5 magazines

His tactical back pack and MCU-2P Respirator


He's ready to board the vessel, SIR!

Hot Toys VBSS Team Commander with Team Leader

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