Saturday, October 18, 2008

Anne Yuri, TDF UG by Medicom

There were six elite members of the Terrestrial Defense Force Ultra Guard (TDF UG), chosen to fight evil aliens/monsters using high-tech vehicles and weaponry. Dan Moroboshi, who was Ultra Seven in human form, was one of them. The only female member was Anne Yuri, the team's communications operator and nurse, who has feelings for fellow member Dan Moroboshi.

Takara released Anna Yuri in 2004 as part of the Cool Girl line and Medicom released their version in 2007.

Medicom RAH Anne Yuri, TDF UG 

Anne Yuri is played by Yuriko Hishimi. Medicom's head sculpt looks more like the actress as compared with Takara's. Medicom's outfit also seems more authentic.
TDF UG ultra gun, belt with buckle, helmet and wrist video-receiver - all very nicely produced

Medicom RAH Dan Moroboshi and Anne Yuri of the TDF UG. I liked the scale of Medicom's figures in this instance because they actually made Anne smaller than Dan and they make a nice couple ;)

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jaztermareal said...

i think the medicom female body on this figure is also better proportioned than the takara one, which is more idealised.