Friday, May 14, 2010

Soldier Story CIA SAD Night Ops Ver 2.0 REVIEW 1

Finally, here are in-hand pictures of the Soldier Story 1/6 scale 12-inch CIA SAD Night Ops Version 2.0 military figure. Ever since the release of the excellent Soldier Story Central Intelligence Agency Special Activities Divison (CIA SAD) Night Ops figure (reviewed HERE) and the insufficient supply to meet the overwhelming demand, many 1/6 collectors have been asking for a re-release. Well, here is the latest version 2.0 and this one's disappearing pretty fast too.

Comes in the standard regular sized box - BLACK of course

Back of box with description of some of the items included. There are just too many things to cover.

The standard weapons and accessories trays except Soldier Story never holds back when it comes to equipping their figures and the CIA SAD Night Ops version 2.0 figure is no exception!

There are some more stuff in the main tray that holds the 12-inch figure

The basic figure dressed in black shirt, black pants and boots

The 1/6 headsculpt has been the subject of much debate. Some say he's supposed to look like Gerard Butler in the 2009 film "Gamer" where Butler stars as an unwilling participant in an online game in which participants can control human beings as players, and Logan Lerman as the player who controls him.

The BEST Gerard Butler headsculpt has to be the one produced by Hot Toys which has a most accurate likeness and resemblance to the man as King Leonidas in "300" - pictures HERE

As for me, I can do without the headsculpt which is going to be covered by the bandana and helmet, and that suits me just fine

Soldier Story CIA SAD Night Ops figure showing off his nice detailed 1/6 scale combat boots. Those things on his thighs are actually the knee pads incorporated into his pants. The pants were pulled up to reveal his boots which would otherwise be covered by his pants

Here he wears the Skull bandana/scarf (listed as face mask on the box). This is where version 2.0 differs from version 1 which was really a black skull balaclava - pictures HERE. He also has his rappelling harness strapped on before putting on all of his gear

Close-up of the rappelling harness

1/6 scale bolt cutter, radio, multi-tool and SORDIN headset with PTT (Push To Talk) switch

Two M9 pistols with eight extra magazines and two Flashbang grenades

The very well produced 1/6 scale M9 pistols have working slide, working hammer and removable magazine

Heckler & Koch (H&K) G36C Assault rifle with folding stock, removable magazine, Integrated RIS with RIS Forward Grip, silencer, EOTech Sights, tactical light, bungee sling, and Remington Model M870 pump-action shotgun with tactical light and sling

The Soldier Story CIA SAD Heckler & Koch (H&K) G36C Assault rifle assembled

Comes with additional two magazines and shotgun shells for the M870

Other miscellaneous items include a black hooded jacket (I didn't need this for the CIA SAD Night Ops operator so this can be used for kitbashing elsewhere), an extra helmet light which isn't very good because there is no way to attach it except via super glue after removing the studs / pins, eight yellow cyalume light sticks or glow sticks (these would really seem out of place on the all-black operator. Who carries these openly dangling from the belt anyway and give away their position to the enemy / tango?), an extra belt and a hydration drinking tube (either the operator carried the bolt cutter in the carrier pouch on his back or drank from it as the same pouch could double up as a hydration pack but not both, right?)

NEXT post will see the fully kitted out Soldier Story 1/6 scale 12-inch CIA SAD Night Ops Ver 2.0 operator military figure


Peter Szilagyi said...

I think the accessories are really cool but I’m not keen on the headsculpt to be honest. Otherwise it’s a good figure. Your blog is very inspiring by the way keep these posts coming. Thanks. :)

alex teo said...

thanks for the encouraging words pete, it's just me sharing my passion and spreading the "poison" ha ha - my intent is to keep the head covered :) CHEERS

Dan said...


I'm torn between this CIA 2.0 and the SDV seal team 1. What would you say is a better figure to get?

alex teo said...

Hi Dan, great choices because I've got them both as well. For a first figure or choice between the two, I would go for the CIA SAD figure because the whole black getup and look is more impressive (I also noticed that my post of the CIA SAD figure is one of the most popular hits which could mean that more people are looking for this figure or at this figure. Either way, it gets the most visits so that must be a good sign)

Get the CIA SAD figure and then get the SDV SEAL team 1 figure later :) but get both haha tough choice CHEERS