Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Triad Toys Dead Cell Jade Van Helsing femfig PREVIEW

The Triadtoys Jade Van Helsing Premium 1/6 Scale Collectible Female Action Figure features over 35 points of articulation, hand painted parts and fully clothed items. Her holsters and sword scabbard is completely adaptive and can be worn around the hip, back, or sides for collectors who like to customize their figures. Her overcoat features wires for more poseability.

The figure includes: - Hand crafted headsculpt with detailed paintwork and hair styling, Triad Toys’ Alpha Female Action Figure Body with Mid-sized Bust, Pair of Gun Grip Hands, Pair of Sword Grip Hands, Pair of Relaxed Posed Hands, Pair of Jade's Special Revolvers, Leather Gun Holsters and Belt Harness, Tactical Meat Cleaver, Leather Sword Harness, Leather Wrist Gauntlet, Two-toned overcoat with wires for posing, Gold Satin Top, Khaki shorts with leggings, Leather Wrist Band, Leather Shoulder Band and Black Biker Boots.

What's it all about? According to the creators Triad Toys, the US Government creates a new splinter faction called “Dead Cell.” Dead Cell members comprise of only the best special ops members across the world and are armed with the latest technology and weaponry to combat the undead.

Steam Punk pistols? Really?

Jade's outfit looks a lot like the one worn by Alice (Milla Jovovich) from the third Resident Evil movie - "Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)"

And instead of two Kukri knives, Jade has a Meat Cleaver (not sure why it's called a "Tactical " cleaver)

Also featured: Triad Toys 1/6 scale themed display environments - Fire Fight Triarama. Cast in high density polystone, the Fire Fight Triarama depicts a scene riddled with ammo rounds after a major battle. It also features two magnets to use with Triad's bullet-time system to display your figures.

That's really a lot of bullet casings / empty cartridges. Not since "The Matrix: Revolutions (2003)" where the APUs (Armored Personnel Units) battled the massive horde of Sentinels have I seen so many casings in one place.


saruman said...

Wow! really cool figure this 1!.. but in KL... could I get it???

alex teo said...

Hey Saruman, try Triad Toys website and pre-order there :) BTW, i don't earn commission from them Ha! Ha!