Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stupid is as stupid does

Another 1/6 scale "Forrest Gump" 12-inch figure although it's not clear which company is producing and releasing this figure (see my earlier post HERE for the first version announced)

Not sure what the hoo-hah is about and why there's suddenly not one but two "Forrest Gump" figures being released but this one comes without the bench. First one announced seems a better choice IMHO

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Anonymous said...

This one has been available at Hong Kong since mid April. The box is marked with "K-Toys". It is from a HK figure retailer with skills in 1/6 head sculpting. About USD100 (no bench, no feather).

alex teo said...

Hey MK, thanks for the info and sharing the links and the nice pictures :) CHEERS

desmond said...

This headsculpt is much better than the other version comes with the bench. But that one worth the purchase as there are many accessories come with the figure :)

parrow1978 said...

The first one looks much better to me, but I agree the head might be better on the second one.