Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Toys City German Mountain Troop "MG 34 Gunner" PREVIEW

Toys City and Merit International will be offering a WWII German Mountain Troop "MG 34 Gunner" with yet another ED Harris head sculpt. Toys City had just released the 1:6 scale Major König World War II German Sniper 12-inch military figure with WWII Swedish type winter jacket (Preview pictures HERE) which also came with a Ed Harris lookalike headsculpt so it's really strange for them to release yet another Ed Harris HS.

Another observation: How is it that Toys City was able to preview a much better Sean Connery HS (pictures HERE) and yet this Ed Harrid HS looks rather poor in comparison?

The load out and accessories looks nice except the PLASTIC faux wood handle on the hammer.

The 1/6 scale lantern looks to be one of the coolest things of the set. The rest of the stuff would probably have been released before by Dragon Models. And aren't there a lot of 1/6 WW2 Germans already? It seems like there have been German after German after German. How about some internationals? A 1/6 scale French Resistance fighter would be a nice addition or a British Long Range Desert Group or WW2 SAS figure? Not enough of these figures IMHO.

Toys City German Mountain Troop "MG 34 Gunner" Set will include: T2.0 Body, Mountain Cap with Edelweiss Insignia, Snow Goggles, Character Headsculpt, 1 Pair Gloved Hands, M40 Field Blouse, M1936 Berghosen Trousers, Windjacket, Bergschuhe Mountain Boots w/Puttees - Leather, Wehrmacht Equipment Belt, M31 Breadbag, Gebirgsjager Water Bottle, M31 Mess Kit, M1931 Gebirgsjager Rucksack, Ice Pick, Piton Hammer, Pitons, Rope, MG 34 Machine Gun Pouch and Cleaning Cloth, MG 34 Machine Gun, WWII German Lantern, P-38 Pistol, P-38 Pistol Leather Holster

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