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Hot Toys "Terminator 2" T-800 12-inch figure REVIEW 1

When "The Terminator" first arrived on our movie screens in 1984, I was blown away. The concept was quite new ("Back to the Future" didn't happen till 1985) - a killing machine sent from the future into our present to eliminate the future threat from ever existing. "The Terminator" was a low-budget movie, at roughly US$6.4 million, which turned out to be a box-office hit, earning US$38,371,200 domestically. The film went on to gross more than US$78 million worldwide.

James Cameron followed on his success with "Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)", this time with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the hero instead of the villain, playing a different but visually identical Terminator cyborg reprogrammed to protect a young John Connor from the more advanced T-1000 model (played by Robert Patrick). The rest, as they say, is Terminator history.

Now that we've seen preview pictures of Hot Toys T-1000 in Sarah Connor disguise (see previous post), let's compare that with the Hot Toys MMS117 "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" 1/6th scale T800 collectible figure in-hand pictures. Click on the pictures for a bigger and better view ;)

Very nicely designed box slipcase cover with a shot of the Hot Toys T-800 proudly displayed on the front - that is the quality that can be achieved with 1/6 scale head sculpts nowadays.

The back of the cover reads: "2029: The Skynet Cyborg army continues tom wage war against the human resistance, led by the legendary John Connor. Skynet devises a new plan: Send Terminators, who appear as humans, back in time to assassinate Resistance leaders."

The box slipcase cover slides up to reveal the tray containing the Arnold Schwarzenegger T-800 figure with all its weapons and accessories

Hot Toys "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" 1/6th scale T800 collectible figure with clenched fists, just out of the box. Comes dressed in his costume outfit of gray-color T-shirt, black leather-like jacket and pants with a leather-like belt with buckle, and black-color boots

Terminator 2 T-800 Rubber Muscled Body Instruction Manual. It says that "The neck, chest and upper abdonmen of this 1/6 figure is made of a special rubber material and applied with highly detailed painting. Improper posing procedure may cause damage or color fading to the body surface." Consider yourself warned. The manual shows you how you should move the head, then tilt it and NOT tilt the head first as it would result in some damage to the figure and your pocket.

There are also instructions on how you should switch the left forearm i.e. VERY CAREFULLY!

And here are the accessories, not a whole lot but enough to satisfy. There's a extra T-shirt (in black), the Gold-color rose box with a bunch of 6 red roses, Black-lens sunglasses with black-color frame, shotgun, pistol and Figure base with T800 nameplate and the movie logo

Close-up of the half-dozen roses

When the Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) first arrives in the present, he enters a biker bar and asks The Cigar Smoking Biker (Robert Winley) to give him his clothes, his boots, and his motorcycle. After a fight breaks out, the Terminator throws the biker on a stove's hot burners and burns him badly. The injured biker then tries to draw his custom Colt / Detonics M1911A1 Series 70 Hybrid pistol built with a Colt Series 70 slide, a Detonics frame, an ambidextrous safety, with Pachmyr grips, and chambered in 9mm but has the pistol taken away from him by the T-800.

This very well produced highly detailed Hot Toys 1/6 scale Colt / Detonics M1911A1 Hybrid pistol comes with working hammer and slide, with removable magazine.

As the Terminator Model T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) prepares to leave on the biker's Harley Fatboy, he is confronted by the bar owner, who fires a warning shot from his sawed-off Winchester 1887. The Terminator coolly walks over and snatches the gun from his hand.

Check out the amazing details on Hot Toys 1/6 scale sawed-off Winchester 1887 shotgun. The wood grain where it should be and especially the engraving - Winchester "RA" (Repeating Arms) insignia on the receiver - PLUS the details on the trigger assembly.

Wait! There's more - there's a blue shotgun shell molded with the trigger assembly so that the shotgun will always be loaded. COOL!

And this is why this gun is also called the "Rosebox Shotgun". The T-800 hides the sawed-off Winchester 1887 shotgun inside a box of roses as he enters the shopping mall looking for young John Connor (Edward Furlong).

The four extra hands (a pair of relaxed palms, one right hand for holding the shotgun and another trigger hand for the pistol) PLUS the interchangeable left forearm featuring a bloody and articulated endoskeleton.

Close-up of the articulated endoskeleton Terminator T-800 hand. It's bloody because this left forearm had its skin and outer flesh cut off to expose the T-800's cybernetic arm and hand. This was the scene where the T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) made large cuts in its arm and removed the skin to reveal his bloody endoskeletal metal arm and hand to Doctor Miles Bennett Dyson, the original inventor (and cybernetics scientist) of the neural-net processor which would lead to the development of Skynet.

The terminator T-800 exists as a microprocessor controlled metal endoskeleton camouflaged within human flesh and blood. In 1984, the first T-800 was sent through time to kill Sarah Connor and her unborn son. This mission failed as the Resistance was able to send a lone human protector to defend her.

Ten years later, Skynet sends a newer and more formidable Terminator, the liquid metal T-1000 to eliminate the young John Connor. Once again,the Resistance sends a protector, but this time, they send a captured reprogrammed T-800 to defend the boy. Winning John's trust, the T-800 is instrumental in the defeat of the T-1000, and learns the human traits of humor, compassion, and tragically, self-sacrifice.

Here's a look at the Hot Toys topless 1/6 scale T800 12-inch figure with Arnold Schwarzenegger's likeness. This is the newly developed rubber upper body with PVC material limbs

The head sculpt is pretty fantastic! There is absolutely no doubt that this HS resembles Arnold Schwarzenegger as the T800 cyborg. Schwarzenegger gained worldwide fame as a Hollywood action film icon, noted for his lead role in such films as "Conan the Barbarian" and "The Terminator."

Kudos once again to Hot Toys for a truly authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Arnold Schwarzenegger as T800 in the movie "Terminator 2: Judgment Day"

And here's a closer look at the new Hot Toys Rubber Muscled Body. The top portion from the neck down to the chest (upper body) is made of a soft rubbery material (skin) that's used to wrap the skeleton underneath. Because it is not hard and inflexible, it allows the shoulders more movement inwards.

Schwarzenegger began weight-training at fifteen. He was awarded the title of Mr. Universe at age 22 and went on to win the Mr. Olympia contest a total of seven times. Here's Hot Toys "Arnie" doing some body building poses to show off his new body - note the ball joint at the shoulders and the lack of double-jointed elbow joints means less flexibility at the elbows, being able to achieve only minimal articulation.

From this pose, you can see where the shoulder joints turn inwards towards the chest area where the flexible soft rubber allows for such a movement.

A shot of Arnie from the back, another trademark body building pose

Note the cut of the head at the jaw and ears where it is joined to the rubber neck

And now let's look at the stitching of the 1/6 leather pants that Hot Toys T800 wears

The pants come with a belt and buckle, all very well realized in 1/6 scale

The sides of the black leather biker pants have working zips near the bottom

And 1/6 Arnie comes with a very perky butt to boot ;p anyone ever wonder if he's anatomically correct? As for me, that's reserved for Scarlett Black Widow

And lastly the Hot Toys 1/6 scale biker boots, or rather "boot-feet" since 1/6 Arnie doesn't have feet but pegs which go into the holes at the bottom of the boots

Check out my buddy Shaun's excellent blog post HERE for more pictures of this new Arnie body. Be warned, there is nudity :) Arnie is stripped bare and stark naked for all to see so that you can get a fairly good idea how the body looks without clothes.

Next post reveals Hot Toys T-800 equipped with all his weapons.

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desmond said...

The headsculpt is superb and thanks for detailed reviews. I enjoy reading it :)

Dash MacBastard said...

Very cool, Alex!

alex teo said...

thanks desmond, dash :) i enjoyed dishing it out - all part of the passion Ha! Ha!

Anonymous said...

very nice review!
the headsculpt is amazing, an older Arnold.
Muscle type body!?! i was hoping just a regular Truetype body.
anyways got this one pre-ordered :)

Shaun said...

Awesome detailed review with great close up shots, my Guru!

alex teo said...

U R too kind Shaun ;p I owe it all to your GREAT post on this figure, especially how you started off with Arnie in the crouch position stark naked (something about you and naked 1/6 True Type bodies Ha! Ha! I still remember the post where they wrestled like WWE contenders :>) - it spurred me on. Thanks for the encouraging words CHEERS

zenith58 said...

Great review. I was wondering if anyone has encountered tilting of the upper body? My figure is now loose at the upper body joint and tends tilt to the front due to the heavy upper body. Any way to rectify this?


izuan said...

Hello. I just bought a T2 T800 muscular body on ebay but I was shocked that the neck is different and my Hot Toys Chris Redfield cannot fit on it. Is there some sort of neck peg for the T800 head that connects it to the body and could you show me pictures of it?

alex teo said...

hey zenith58, the joints on mine are still tight and i don't seem to have problems with a tilting body. hope someone reads this and has a solution for you CHEERS

alex teo said...

Hi Izuan, I didn't collect the Chris Redfield figure so I actually am not sure about the different neck post. All the HT heads come with a hole under the chin that fits onto the knob which protrudes from the neck. CHEERS

Izuan said...

I only bought the nude muscle body and it comes with hand and feet pegs. The connecting "knob" to connect the head to the body is not included. If I buy a "knob" from other hot toys spare parts e.g. can it fit?

alex teo said...

hi Izuan, now I understand. The seller who sold you the muscular body did not include the neck ball joint which you will need if you want to attach the Hot Toys Chris Redfield head (also without neck ball joint). What you found on e-bay seems to be the missing link. Alternatively, you can just use blu-tack as it is a reusable putty and it should hold the head to the neck fairly well plus it is hidden so no one can see the blu-tack.

Izuan said...

Thanks for the advice, but I think I will try to bid on the "knob" since it's quite cheap (any hot toys neck peg will do, right?) I'm afraid of breaking Chris' original rubber body and arms (but T800's body is very poseable).

Will try to buy the T1 T800 head in the future since it's so awesome, thanks to your review.

Awesome blog, by the way ;)