Tuesday, May 4, 2010

DID Captain "Millers" Review 2: D-Day June 6, 1944

continued from my earlier post "It's Miller time"...

This was probably what Tom Hanks as Captain John Miller (from the film "Saving Private Ryan") had on him when the Landing Craft (also known as Higgins boat) brought him and his Rangers ashore at Dog Green section of Omaha Beach, Normandy on the morning of June 6, 1944 (D-Day).

First, a closer look at the exceptional 1/6 scale Tom Hanks as Captain John Miller headsculpt by DID - probably the BEST likeness of Tom Hanks ever produced. The resemblance is amazing. Who else could he be?

How DID managed to produce the facial stubble is beyond me! Unbelievable - it's so distinct and realistic. The standard of 1/6 head sculpts have improved by leaps and bounds.

And the World War II United States Army 2nd Ranger Battalion uniform and kit with all his gear is equally impressive! This could be as real and as accurate as it gets, in 1/6 scale that is :)

DID Captain "Millers" comes with his M1 Helmet with Captain rank markings, Wool Shirt with Captain bars and Infantry collar pins, M1941 Jacket (oops, forgot to put on the gas brassard), Ranger Vest (US Army assault vest), M1926 US Navy lifebelt (Waist Life Preserver), M5 Assault Gas Mask Bag (no gas mask), Web Belt, First Aid Pouch (version 1), First Aid Pouch (version 2), M1911A1 .45 caliber Colt semi-automatic pistol with leather Holster, Water Canteen with Carrier, M3 fighting knife with M8 scabbard, Folding E-Tool with Carrier, M1A1 Thompson .45 caliber Sub-Machine Gun, Thompson Ammo Satchel (ammunition bag for his extra Thompson magazines if he had any - too bad DID didn't provide any extra mags), Map Satchel, HBT (herringbone twill) Pants, Cloth Leggings and Leather Boots (1943 issued "fleshout" service shoes).

Close-ups of the high quality M1 Helmet, M5 Assault Gas Mask Bag and M1926 US Navy lifebelt (Waist Life Preserver)

The 2nd Ranger Battalion shoulder sleeve insignia worn proudly on the left sleeve.

Once ashore, the Rangers ditched their gas mask bag and Waist Life Preserver since they didn't need them anymore. Captain John H Miller, commanding officer of Charlie Company, 2nd Ranger Battalion, survives the initial landing and assembles a group of soldiers to slowly penetrate the German defenses, leading to a breakout from the beach.

Miller receives orders to find Ryan. He assembles six Rangers from his company, plus one man detailed from the 29th Infantry Division, who speaks fluent French and German, to accomplish this task.

EXT. Hedgerow Cart Road - Day
Miller walks point. His men follow warily. It's hot. They're exhausted. Upham looks miserable, weighed down like a pack horse with all the B.A.R. ammunition, slapping at horseflies. They talk quietly, their eyes scanning.

The M3 fighting knife in M8 scabbard is carried beside the M1911A1 .45 cal Colt semi-automatic pistol with leather Holster

A better view of the M1911A1 .45 cal Colt semi-automatic pistol in leather Holster by his right hip

The amazingly well produced 1/6 scale metal and wood M1A1 Thompson .45 cal Sub-Machine Gun with carrying strap that comes with accurately produced miniature metal buckles

The Thompson Ammo Satchel (ammunition bag for his extra Thompson magazines if he had any - none provided)

Folding E-Tool with Carrier attached to the Ranger Vest

Map Satchel

This has to be the ULTIMATE Tom Hanks as Captain John Miller 1/6 scale military figure bar none! DID has done it again and given us 1/6 collectors something to write and rave about!

NEXT up: Miller's last stand!

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AncuBancu said...

looks good but with helmet on.
there is a small problem with his eyes, his way of looking at the horizon... divergent sight.

Anyway, every figure looks very good, especially the armored ones and non-human.

Keep on the good work!

alex teo said...

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

The profile shots look much closer to Hanks than the front shots. A nice sulpt anyway. K-Toy's Forrest Gump -- not the one you posted, is available in HK (about USD100). The sculpt closely resembles Hanks as Gump in the movie and is much better than the one you posted --- no promotional poster or web link however. The only shortcoming is that the set doesn't come with the park bench and the feather. Limited to no more than 200 pcs world wide.

alex teo said...

hey thanks for the heads up (pun intended), too bad no pictures are available. that's the other problem with these limited runs - the PRICE :(