Sunday, April 17, 2011

1/9 Harley soft tail (or RAT TAIL) Post-apocalyptic Bike!

In July 2010, I'd posted an entry about an AWESOME 1/6 scale motorcycle custom-made by an e-bay seller "Probuilder41" based on the 1979 Australian dystopian action film "Mad Max" which starred the then relatively unknown Mel Gibson. See my post HERE for pictures of the Mad Max / Road Warrior bike.

Well, guess what? He's at it again! The response to the larger Honda model was overwhelming! So "Probuilder41" decided he'll do another bike with a little different flair.

"The rat rod craze these days is bigger than ever... so why not a rat bike? This 10 3/4" long all plastic model has  rust... grime... dirt.... and oil all over the place. The paint is faded deliberately..... and has several different colors on many areas.

There is {scale} duct tape holding the seat together and holding the headlight in!

He has even wrapped a chain around the handlebars and on the left side he added a red bandanna with white polka dots hanging out the hole where the gas cap should be. The man pays great attention to details which make this bike look even better! The bike has a great Post-apocalyptic look to it and would make a nice addition to anyone's collection.

The kick stand does work...or you can use the supplied frame stand to display the bike.

Check it out NOW on e-bay (link HERE) before it's gone.

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