Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sideshow Collectibles 1:6 scale Commander Bly 12-inch figure Preview

Clone commander 5052, also known as Bly, was the leader of the Star Corps of clone troopers assigned to Jedi General Aayla Secura. He served with her on the exotic world of Felucia when he received Order 66. The executive command, originating from the Supreme Chancellor on Coruscant, identified Secura as a traitorous enemy of the state. Demonstrating his unerring loyalty to the Republic, Bly and his troopers raised their rifles and opened fire on their commanding officer, coldly killing the unsuspecting Jedi.

Bly was one of the first generation of clone commanders to be trained by the ARC trooper Alpha. The ARC troopers were a specially bred type of clone, more independent and with less docility tampering than the standard trooper of the line. Alpha's training program emphasized independence and outside-the-manual thinking.

The Sideshow Collectibles STAR WARS Military Series 1:6 scale Commander Bly 12-inch Figure features: Fully articulated male body (armored body) with 30+ points of articulation, Commander Bly portrait, Fabric bodysuit with additional fabric collar, Kama command skirt, Detailed clone armor, Phase I and Phase II helmets with flip-up polarized macro-binoculars, ARC pauldron, DC-15S blaster carbine, DC-15A blaster rifle, two DC-17 blaster pistols, two DC-17 holsters, Generous assortment of switch-out hands and Two pairs of switch-out feet (action and standing)

IMHO He looks great with the phase 2 helmet and bandoliers. Somehow the whole getup is much more pleasing to the eye (and wallet) than the Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars Clone Captain Rex (previewed HERE). My main beef with Clone Captain Rex is the Phase 1 helmet and the skirt (it just looks wrong there). Which makes me glad because now I can get my hands on Commander Bly instead :)

Sideshow Exclusive: 327th Star Corps 12-inch Figure Display Base. I'm so glad it's not something that I really really want but something I can do without :)

ETA 3rd Quarter 2011 - The Clone Army is growing, one figure at a time...

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laME boy said...

Sideshow is really beefing up this line of their figures huh.

Amazing what a few cosmetic changes can do.

I think most people find Captain Rex strange is because the figure is somewhat of a 'port' over from the cartoon series to make the figure look more life-like, making it look rather 'strange'. Still, I love it :p