Friday, April 8, 2011

A is for Aquaman

There has been many retelling of the Aquaman story / origin. This Aquaman is the one who appeared in the Justice League animated series titled "The Enemy Below" which first aired on December 3, 2001.

When a nuclear submarine is attacked in the Atlantic, the Justice League comes face-to-face with Aquaman and his Atlantean army. Aquaman goes to Metropolis to take his problems up with the various governments of the world. When a mercenary Deadshot attacks Aquaman, the League steps in. Aquaman discovers that Lord Orm, his own brother, was behind the attack. Orm takes Aquaman and his infant son and places them on a cliff over a vein of molten lava, leaving them to die. In order to save his son, Aquaman must make the terrible sacrifice of severing his own hand. "Ouch!"

I enjoyed the Justice League animated series very much. It was helmed by animator Bruce Timm, who having successfully adapted both Batman and Superman into animated television programs in the 1990s, took on the challenge of adapting the Justice League comic book and turning it into an animated sequel to his two former animated series. The show was well received by fans and critics, many comparing it to "Batman: The Animated Series" because of its darker tones, complex writing and storyboarding, and in-depth characterization.

Yup! Making Aquaman cut off his own hand to save himself and his son is rather dark and shocking indeed for a cartoon. So now Aquaman has a hook for a hand. If he isn't careful and scratches his eye with the wrong hand, he'll end up with an eye patch like a pirate - Aye, that be funny :) har har har

So when the toy figures of the Justice League appeared on the shelves, I had to pick them up :) Just like I did back in 1994. It was "Batman: The Animated Series" or BTAS then and I totally enjoyed the Batman animated series but it was the toy figures from that series that rekindled my love for toys and started this wonderful journey I've been on for the past 17 years. You could say I was caught hook, line and sinker LOL

Everyone seems to be having a go at the April A-Z Blogging Challenge so I thought I'll do my bit haha Truth is, I didn't take part in the challenge but just thought I'll do this for the FUN of it. When they ask you "WHY?" You just answer "Why NOT?!"


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

i like these toys, and the similarly styled JLA stuff... very stylized, much like the Brave & the Bold stuff i've been buying. they're FUN

alex teo said...

FUN is all we are after haha XD so glad for the FUn in our lives CHEERS

Tom Freak said...

I have that Aquaman. The way he lost his hand in the series is way better than the way he lost it in the comics. That was an incredible series.

Dan said...

Reminds me to take a photo of mine, he's been laying on his back on a sponge near my bathtub for a few months now.

alex teo said...

@Tom: totally agree with you :) the series was way cool

@Dan: speechless >_< haha