Thursday, April 14, 2011

L is for Lex Luthor

This is the Justice League animated Lex Luthor figure in business suit. He also came equipped with battle armor. This Lex Luthor was not at all identical in sculpt to any of the other figures.

Lex Luthor was a powerful businessman and criminal mastermind. He was widely considered to be one of Earth's most brilliant minds and one of Superman's greatest enemies.

Luthor's lust for power eventually made him the sworn enemy to Superman. From the start, the very idea of an alien who appeared to be human possessing incredible power disturbed Lex. The fact that Luthor could not bribe or hire the newcomer, or alter the public's perception of Superman's actions, angered Lex all the more.

Luthor took to carrying a small piece of Kryptonite on his person at all times, as a precaution against any potential encounters with Superman. However, not even Luthor realized how damaging the radiation could be to humans and after a few years, he developed Kryptonite poisoning.

The Battle Attack armor came in 4 pieces which you snapped onto his chest and legs, arms and neck. With the armor, only the arms are movable. However, his real hands are visible from under the arm pieces.

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