Saturday, April 23, 2011

U is for Ultra-Humanite

Ultra-Humanite was an albino gorilla whose intelligence is far superior to many men. Unfortunately, his true talents were not put to use when he served as a member of the Injustice Gang.

The Ultra-Humanite is the first supervillain faced by Superman. He was designed to be the polar opposite of Superman; while Superman is a hero with superhuman strength, Ultra-Humanite is a criminal mastermind who has a crippled body but a highly advanced intellect.

Siegel and Shuster replaced the Ultra-Humanite as Superman's archfoe when Lex Luthor was introduced into the Superman comic. Originally, Luthor was depicted as a mad scientist with a full head of red hair. An artist later mistakenly drew Luthor with a bald head and Siegel approved of Luthor's new look. Because Siegel and Shuster didn't need two bald mad scientists battling Superman, they dropped the Ultra-Humanite from Superman comics in favor of Luthor.

In the DC Animated Universe, Ultra-Humanite is depicted as a cultured intellectual criminal with a deep love for classical music and violent hatred for most modern forms of art.

That passion was so strong that Batman took advantage of it to persuade him to turn on Lex Luthor and his Injustice Gang.


Bubbashelby said...

This is one of my favortie action figures of all time - something about the JLU design coupled with the character himself - he's just so cool!

alex teo said...

I agree Bubba :) I also like how Mattel made sure the size of the figures stayed comparable to the animated series AND made Ultra-Humanite BIG like he was in the series

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

THAT is a FUN TOY! ...I'm ipressed with all the smaller plastic figures you have... you show them off more rarely :) This A-Z has really been fun with you!

alex teo said...

These smaller sized figures are GREAT FUN and this A-Z thing I'm doing is also FUN for me as well :)