Monday, April 11, 2011

CrazyDummy: US Army Ranger Gunner In Afghanistan PREVIEW

This is a new figure from CrazyDummy and will be released soon: a 1/6 scale US Army Ranger 12-inch Gunner figure in Afghanistan. "Hoo-Ah!" I'm all over this one :) I just like the whole look and feel of it. For once, the uniform doesn't look too baggy or BIG for the figure, as has been the case for the Soldier Story modern military figures

Parts list:
Real-like 1:6 scale head sculpt and 12-inch male body, Multicam camouflage Gen2 combat suit and pants, Gen3 knee pads, belt and Asolo FSN 95 Gore-Tex Hiking Boots

Military emergency tourniquet, UA tactical wristband(blk), quike lock D, quike lock O X 2, light sticks (short) X 6, light sticks (long) X 2, ball pen, action glove hands, AWS retention lanyard(tan), MOD ballistic goggles with cover, glasses, scissors

RLCS RBSS with CIRAS shoulder pack, RLCS MSAP module with side plate, RLCS shotgun ammo pouch, RLCS radio pouch, RLCS water canteen pouch, RLCS module assault backpack hydration tube (OD cover), RLCS SAW 200-round ammo pouch x 2, RLCS SAW 100-rd ammo pouch x 2, RLCS 3-M4 magazine pouch, RLCS frag grenade pouch x 2, RLCS flash bang pouch x 2, RLCS pistol magazine pouch, RLCS pistol holster (left hand version), RLCS first aid kit pouch, RLCS medic pouch, Rappelling gloves, dump pouch

MICH 2000 helmet with head-loc retention system h-nape (OD) + NVG mount NVD-NOD interface 3-hole shroud (black), PVS-15 NVG, low profile NVG battery case, Petzl E49P TacTikka Plus 4-LED Headlamp, MS-2000 (m) military strobe light, SF helmet LED light, SORDIN headset system with U94 PTT, MBITR radio, Foretrex GPS

Ranger tab, ranger regiment tab, US flag patch, Ghosts tab

MK141 MOD 0 flashbang grenade X 2, M67 fragmentation grenade x 2

MK46MOD0 MG, 100-rd ammo box, 5.56x45mm M855 metal chain ammo X 11, DR Sight with red dot, AN/PEQ-15 aiming laser, TANGO RRIP, MG sling, M9 pistol with tactical pistol lanyard


ethan said...

This is a nice looking figure. Would be a good change from the usual Soldier Story figure. Will definitely get this :)

ethan said...

Definitely a must have figure. Looks nice and cool. Just love the helmet with all the neat accessories.

richie said...

Just recently I commented on brands not having lefty equipment..and now one great one comes out! haha :D

alex teo said...

Gotta be careful what you wish for haha