Tuesday, April 19, 2011

VTS presents 1/6 Racing Girl series

These are for the hot girls of the fast track. Body and head is NOT included, only the outfits. There's something about fast cars and hot girls, and the pit girls are no exception! For most of us, these are just nice outfits to look at.

Not sure why Virtual Toys (VTS) is going into these when they'd released some interesting 1:6 products in the past, mostly alpha males and then these? Where's the logic? What's the game plan? Not most collector's cup of tea IMHO - Barbie's already churning out a lot of these chick outfits, though not so revealing.

When the cars or bikes are going that fast round and round and round the tracks or circuit, at least there are these NICE and lovely distractions haha


Kal said...

Is it wrong for me to find these figures attractive? They are not technically action figures. Maybe if I display them with swords and machine guns I can feel better about it. Once again you are my go-to source for the best action figures out there.

alex teo said...

These are the better looking female figures out there :) Most of them don't look feminine enough and you need to have the endowed bust to tell them apart haha

Unknown said...

what figure is the first picture? the one with the blue GT girl outfit

alex teo said...

I wish I knew :( these pictures were provided by the distributor / maker of the outfits and the girls are just modeling the clothes and NOT for sale.

S said...

I think it is one of her works.


She is a Japanese and she sells her works at a Japanese auction site and a Chinese auction site.

Anyway I love this site, toyhaven.

alex teo said...

thanks for the link, S :) those are just AWESOME sculpts. wish 1/6 manufacturers could release female heads of this caliber. i would certainly buy them. THANKS also for the encouraging words CHEERS

S said...

I have to say thank you because I always visti here and check figures before I buy them.
The site is really interesting and helpful. Thank you:)

Her works are like Japanese Anime, but some Japanese and Chinese artists make some realistic head sculps and sell them at auctions. Yeah, I wish manufactures could release good female heads too.


He is a Chinese(maybe) and I love his works.

I'm glad that I could talk with the author of "toyhaven". The site is like "toyheaven" for me:) Night!

alex teo said...

Thanks again for the other link S :) really like those female heads

Thanks also for visiting my toy blog regularly because it tells me that people enjoy my posts and come back for more haha

I'm glad that sharing my passion on "Toy Haven" has connected me with so many people CHEERS