Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Horror of horrors (in 1:6 scale)

Presenting Shrunken Head Studios, a brand new 1:6 scale company with a focus on HORROR.

Catered towards horror hounds looking to spice up their collection, Shrunken Heads will be releasing a series of 1:6th scale horror accessories and environments called BITS & PIECES.

Bits & Pieces Series 1 consists of a 6-piece accessory pack which includes four rusty-bloody weapons and two severed body parts: Machete, Medieval axe, Woodsman Axe, Meat Cleaver, Severed Head, Severed Arm.

This assortment of mayhem is available for pre-order now via They are slated to ship around the second week of June 2011.

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saruman said...

Now... this is cool stuffs! :D