Friday, April 8, 2011

B is for Batman

B is for Batman! Who else? I almost named my toy blog "The Batcave" on account of the numerous Batman toys I have, because I am a BIG fan of the Bat and it was the toy figures from "Batman: The Animated Series (1992–1995)" that got me hooked to toys at age 29 (in 1994) but went with "Toy Haven" instead because I also have so many other toys; and the rest, as they say, is history :)

This is the animated Batman figure from the Justice League animated television series (2001 to 2004), created by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini with two things in mind: to pay tribute to the original line-up of the Justice League of America while also reflecting racial and cultural diversity (more on the second in later posts).

Batman's costume was redesigned for the series, given a mixture of his previous animated costumes. It was basically the same Batsuit from "The New Batman Adventures (1997–1999)", but had the blue highlights from the original series' costume. The mask's "ears" were also extended as a reference to the futuristic Batsuit from "Batman Beyond (1999–2001)".

Batman is one of the key members of the Justice League TV series. In the first three episodes of season 1, when alien invaders accidentally awakened on Mars begin to take over the Earth, Superman and Batman rescue J'onn J'onnz who telepathically recruits Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, the Flash, and Green Lantern to defeat the invasion.

I liked the references to the 1996 science fiction film "Independence Day" (also known by its promotional abbreviation ID4) as well as "War of the Worlds"

Superman gathers everyone at the newly-built Watchtower funded by Batman (through Wayne Aerospace's R&D budget) and asks everyone assembled to be part of a team, which he dubs the Justice League. And so, a new series began and what a ride it was!


LEon said...

Bro just wondering did you counted how many Batman stuff that you have?

alex teo said...

hey LEon never counted the number of Batmans I have haha one day I should CHEERS

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

It doesn't really get much better than this version of Batman- it's the quintessential rendition of the character- there are a thousand great Batman figures, but this one is essentially as good as any. I love his cape!

alex teo said...

I also love the Brave & Bold chunky versions (no thanks to your beautifully taken pictures haha) but they don't bring them in over here :(

alex teo said...

So keep on taking those pictures and I'll keep on drooling over them LOL