Friday, April 15, 2011

Sandcrawler Building in Singapore

The Empire Strikes Back... Again! But this time, it's target is Singapore!

It's all systems go for the construction of Lucasfilm's first overseas production facility at Singapore's Fusionopolis. The 'Sandcrawler Building' is an eight-storey complex that will house the local arm of the recognised film and entertainment company. Fans of the sci-fi classic Star Wars would notice the striking resemblance to the real Sandcrawler - a popular mode of transport seen in various episodes.

Singapore projects to offer 1,000 more jobs in the gaming, animation and visual effects industry over the next three years. "We sought out to grow this sector over the last few years, because it brings exciting career opportunities for Singaporeans. It offers very good jobs, and I think it's in line also with the aspirations of Singaporeans, particularly the young," said Leo Yip, Chairman of the Economic Development Board (EDB). Construction of the 'Sandcrawler Building' is due for completion by 2013. [source: CNA]

Any resemblance is purely intentional! But you have to wonder, will the insides of the Sandcrawler Building look anything like the real thing. Click on the picture below for a detailed and enlarged in-depth look at what was inside this huge leftover titan from a forgotten mining era long long ago, in a galaxy far far away. So will the new inhabitants be called Jawas and will there be a height restriction in the selection process? (haha, just kidding, no offense intended but then again, animators have been known to work like droids, going on and on and on... you get the picture)

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jedi_randy said...

Wow, another reason to visit Singapore! A definite must see in 2013. Could I repost this in my blog?

I will link back to your site.


alex teo said...

By all means Jedi_randy :) we must gather the rebels and the alliance for the showdown with the Empire haha CHEERS & May the Force be with you

jedi_randy said...

I posted the article already:

Thanks and see you in 2013! :)

Anonymous said...

A bulding like this exist in Tunisia since many years ^^

alex teo said...

THANKS for the link :)

Starwar man said...

LucasFilm’s new headquarter – the Sandcrawler Building, Singapore is featured in: and Read about it now!