Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ashley Wood + ThreeZero = threeA

Ashley Wood is an award winning illustrator who worked for many years in both the U.K. and international comic book worlds (working on characters such as the British icon Judge Dredd), before breaking into the U.S. market where he worked for such companies as Marvel and DC. Ashley Wood is also the creator of the Popbot series of graphic novels which are currently in film production with Resolution Independent.

In 2008, Ashley Wood and ThreeZero's founder Kim created threeA, a Hong Kong based production house for designing, developing and manufacturing toys, posters, prints and clothing based on characters created by Ashley Wood. [source: wiki]

And here are some of the robots produced and released by threeA. The ones below were all designed as 1/6 scale robots with the weathered used-universe look made famous by Star Wars creator George Lucas, in contrast to the futuristic, sleek and clinically clean universe of Star Trek and other Sci-fi shows that had come before.

These World War Robots with gatling guns are all 1/12 scale (thanks for the update, BigHatDino). The majority of the robots they've released recently are their 1/12 scale WWR product line.

1/12 scale "Black-Ops" bot with several severed heads :)

This latest 1/6 version has to be the ugliest of them all - looks like a trash can, and the flat top doesn't help.

1/6 scale is still the best size to achieve all the wonderful accurate details coupled with articulation. Many manufacturers have chosen this size and platform to showcase what they can achieve at this level. Besides threeA, Enterbay and other 1/6 scale manufacturers out there, Hot Toys is King of the 1/6 world, bar none.

1/6 scale Masked men in a post-apocalyptic world. Post-apocalyptic stories often take place in an agrarian, non-technological future world, or a world where only scattered elements of technology remain. There is a considerable degree of blurring between this form of science fiction and that which deals with false utopias or dystopic societies.

And there are always the main characters in every story. Here's Kenshiro and Koji

And here are two really cool 12-inch femfigs (female figures) from POPBOT: Tomorrow Queens ThreeA Female Figure Ashley Wood - Yubi O

and Odayaka Na. Those are some killer heels - ouch!


BigHatDino said...

I'm a massive fan of 3A, and have numerous robots by them, but only 2 so far in 1/6 scale. The majority of the robots they've released recently are their 1/12 scale WWRp line (the domed robots with gatling guns are all 1/12, where the collection of robots together are all 1/6). The WWRp line is much nicer, as it takes up less space :D

What I like about their robots is the sheer size and ability to pose them - even the 1/12 scale robots have fully articulated fingers.

alex teo said...

thanks BigHatDino for the correction :) I've updated the post as such CHEERS

when can we see pictures of your WWR collection? that'll be cool ;p

BigHatDino said...

I've so far only got pictures of my Noir De Plume 1/6 figure and a severed robot head I customised, both are on my Flickr account. Really should photograph the rest - that'll give me something to do this weekend :)

Matthew said...

Hey Alex, just to update you on the loading toys capt price head, the sculpt is out and its pretty cool though no hat but comes with a cigar.

alex teo said...

hey Kev (BigHatDino), thanks for sharing the pics, man. the Noir De Plume 1/6 figure looks AWESOME ;> hope to see more in the near future (fingers crossed)

hi matthew. thanks for the update :) i've got the pictures and was gonna post one of these days ha! ha!

Matthew said...

haha no problem alex, looking forward to your take on the hs!