Sunday, August 12, 2012

MC Toys MC M-006 1/6th scale Women's Black Tactical Suit OR time to play dress up your gal

This is going to be MC Toys' M-006 1/6th scale Women's Black Tactical Suit for 12-inch female action figures. When it comes to 12-inch action figures with fabric clothes / outfits, inadvertently the topic and debate of whether it should be called an action figure or doll will pop up, even more so if it is a female figure.

To me, an action figure is one where the figure is rather articulated and can be posed in action stances, hence the keyword "ACTION" figure whereas a doll is a figure dressed up to look like a girl, usually more to do with fashion than action. A Barbie doll is therefore NOT an action figure but 1/6th scale female figures released by Hot Toys based on action movies they have appeared in and come armed with weapons and accessories for fighting bad guys are ACTION figures ;p Check out my toy blog post "I collect Action Figures" where I posted lots of pictures of action figures, NOT dolls!

You can also click on the "Femme Fatale" label to view the female action figures I have posted on / blogged about on TOY HAVEN :) So shall we let the topic "Action Figures or Dolls" be put to rest?

This is MC (Magic Cube) Toys black tactical suit for 12-inch female action figures and why they call it tactical is anybody's guess. This is just incorrect labelling of street wear as tactical wear.

If MC Toys were to put together full sets of female-sized CYRE Precision military uniforms in the different camo patterns (Black, Woodland MARPAT, ACU and / or Multi-Cam), then you can call it tactical suits. This is just black apparel for 1/6th scale women ;p

The MC Toys MC M-006 1/6th scale Women's Black Tactical Suit will consist of TAD BLACK tactical Hoodie, TAD force 10 tactical pants, LOGO LS shirt, logo black ball cap and (black tactical shoes)

Do note that the 12-inch female action figure is NOT included. This particular 1/6th scale female figure Magic Cube Toys has used for posing purposes is Hot Toys recently released Movie Masterpiece Series MMS157 Sucker Punch: 1/6th scale Babydoll 12-inch Collectible Figure and although she is called "Baby Doll", she is anything but that haha Check out the preview pictures posted HERE. You have to admit, the Hot Toys female action figure looks really GOOD hubba hubba

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