Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy National Day to all Singaporeans

Singapore turns 47 today and even though she is a young country, she has shown much progress and I am most proud to call Singapore my home. Whenever I take short breaks overseas for holidays, it always feels good to be home :) Every National Day the family will watch the National Day Parade on television together as Singapore celebrates her independence from Malaysia in 1965.

On National Day, most spectators who watch the National Day Parade live at the Marina Bay Floating Platform will dress in the national colors of Red and White. This same dress code is maintained by all students throughout the country as all the schools celebrate National Day as well and it's quite a sight when you see almost everyone dressed in national colors with such pride.

Happy National Day :)

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Unknown said...

Enjoy it!!

Therion Xion said...

I hope you enjoyed National Day! I was there in 2010, and I still love that place. It was great walking through the President's house.

alex teo said...

thanks Therion Xion :) National Day was a blast